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Evening Lecture: The Moon after Apollo

There will be a guest speaker giving 40-minute lectures starting at 7:15pm and repeating a second time at 8:30pm. Seating is limited in the auditorium, no tickets required, the gallery hall will also be open to self-guided tours.


A summary of lunar exploration since Apollo, up to the present day. This talk looks briefly at all the spacecraft which have flown to the Moon since the 'Apollo era' and the last Soviet lunar missions. The Moon was all but forgotten between the mid-1970s and 1990 as a wave of robotic missions swept across the solar system, but since then many nations have sent spacecraft to the Moon, to orbit, impact or land on its surface. NASA had laid the groundwork for future human exploration and the first privately funded spacecraft has travelled to the Moon.

Speaker Bio:

Phil Stooke is a planetary scientist and cartographer with a PhD from UVic. He taught in the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration at Western University in London, Ontario until his recent retirement. He has published The International Atlas of Lunar Exploration and similar books on Mars and is currently revising his lunar atlas.

Later Event: July 20
Apollo 11: A celebration